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Rawson Carpets

Founded in the late 19th century W E Rawson Ltd is a privately owned family company specialising in the manufacture and distribution of a wide range of non woven textiles to a vast cross section of UK and international industry. As with many long established companies we at Rawson Carpets Limited have, over the years, built a solid foundation with our customers and our suppliers and we value these relationships and the people associated with them very highly.

Our policy of re-investing back into the business has ensured our continued success and resulted in the most modern and technologically sophisticated machinery - staffed by experts in their respective fields. Our commitment to deliver a quality, ever improving service forms the basis of our business philosophy. ...more

W E Rawson Ltd

Rawson Carpets are part of W E Rawson Ltd. For 150 years, this privately-owned company has grown organically through the manufacture and cutting-edge uses of non-woven industrial textiles. Our growth remains strong because of W E Rawson’s ongoing commitment to innovation, designed to meet the world’s ever-changing and varied market needs.

Managed by the founder’s descendants even today, this proud family-owned business has succeeded and expanded through two World Wars and numerous economic downturns. What’s the secret to this global organisation’s resilience and continued growth among diverse, geographic markets? It’s quite simple, really. It’s the tradition of innovation.

Environmental Policy

As a company, we at W E Rawson Ltd firmly believe we have a responsibility to the environment as well as to future generations as we conduct our day to day operations. We recognise the impact we can have upon our surroundings and embrace our duty of care in the objectives and practices of our business. We adhere to the highest standards expected of a responsible corporate member of society and aim to reduce to an absolute minimum any adverse effect we may have upon the environment. ...more

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Rawsons Carpets is an authentic and well-established contract carpet company. Here are some downloadable files which support this claim and outline our policies. ...more
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Rawson Carpets
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