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Environmental Policy

As a company, we at W E Rawson Ltd firmly believe we have a responsibility to the environment as well as to future generations as we conduct our day to day operations. We recognise the impact we can have upon our surroundings and embrace our duty of care in the objectives and practices of our business. We adhere to the highest standards expected of a responsible corporate member of society and aim to reduce to an absolute minimum any adverse effect we may have upon the environment.
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Being a family owned enterprise with textile recycling a core part of its business dating back to the 19th Century, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and expertise in our field, enabling us to understand the areas where we can most effectively develop a sustainable approach to our manufacturing activities. The continuity of leadership that is the very nature of our family owned company brings invaluable and vital experience in all areas of the manufacturing process, from the sourcing of raw materials through production itself and finally to the business of recycling and re-use of the small amount of waste which is unavoidably generated. Our end product is long lasting and enduring, helping to reduce wastage, pollution and landfill.

Our respect for the environment commits us to a continuing strategy of development and investment in ways designed to improve our production plans and processes. Our concern for the welfare of all those ultimately affected by our activities, both now and in the future, ensures that our environmental policies are at the very heart of our company’s business objectives.
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