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Your carpet is not only a valuable investment but its appearance tells your visitors something about you. The main objective of a maintenance programme will be to preserve, as nearly as practical, the original beauty and appearance of the carpet and prolong its useful life. Preventative maintenance will protect your investment but you must plan or programme that maintenance. ...more

Removing Spots & Stains

Here's how to remove spots and stains from your carpet. ...more

Vacuum Cleaning

The purpose of vacuum cleaning is to remove soil from the carpet and restore the pile. ...more

Wet Extraction

This is used where there are heavy soil build-ups and deep cleaning is required. This system works by spraying a hot detergent and water solution under pressure into the pile immediately followed by the extraction of the solution by vacuum head mounted adjacent to the spray nozzle. ...more

Carpet Cleaning

Routine vacuum cleaning does delay general cleaning but eventually the carpet colour dulls. As dirt compacts into the carpet a point is reached where it is not collected effectively at the track-off areas. ...more
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