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Removing Spots & Stains

Here's how to remove spots and stains from your carpet.
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Remember to apply cleaning agent to a blotting towel rather than directly onto the carpet.

First remove the excess stain caused by food, etc. and ensure that the area affected does not grow in size. Blot the area with a full roll of kitchen towel in order that as much fluid as possible can be absorbed. Always work towards the centre.

Test your carpet by pre damping a small area (5cm x 5cm) in an inconspicuous area with the solution you plan to use. Blot the damp area with a white towel and look for any colour absorbed into the towel or any colour change on the carpet.
Some stains will definitely require professional attention and you should contact your local professional carpet cleaning company for professional advice.

Dab the spotting agent onto the stain with the moistened towel working from the outer edge of the stain inward towards the centre to keep the stain from spreading. For effective blotting action use pressure from the hand – for even more pressure use the heel of the foot. Try blotting for a prolonged period of time. (The stain will naturally soak up into a weighted stack of towels).
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